Financial Aid

We know paying for your education can be expensive. While the tuition costs for our online programs are affordable, Jessup participates in several types of financial aid, including federal and state grants, loan programs and institutional payment plans. Be sure to complete the FAFSA form each year so that our Financial Aid Office can help you obtain the aid you are eligible to receive.

Undergraduate Programs Online Tuition: $550/unit for synchronous programs (live, remote classes) | $500/unit for asynchronous programs (online/at your own pace)

Graduate Programs Online Tuition: Online Graduate Programs: $550/unit (excluding Online MAL) | Online Masters of Arts in Leadership (MAL): $500/unit


You can conveniently apply for financial aid through the FAFSA website. Remember to use Jessup’s school code, 001281, when you complete your application. We will then determine what financial aid you are eligible for and notify you. Be sure to confirm your aid before the start of classes. If you have any questions about financial aid, you may contact the Financial Aid Office by mail, phone, fax or email: Financial Aid Office 2121 University Ave. Rocklin, CA 95765 Phone: (916) 577-2233 Fax: (916) 577-2230 Email:

Additional Scholarships

Ministry Worker Grant

Amount: Varies. The amount is a 20% discount off tuition
Eligibility: This grant is available to students who: work 40 hours a week in full-time, paid ministry; are the unmarried dependent of someone who is involved in full-time, paid ministry; or are the spouse of someone who is involved in full-time, paid ministry. Examples of full-time, paid ministry include: employees of a church, missionary organization, Christian school, para-church or other non-profit organization whose focus is spreading the Gospel of Christ. See Ministry Worker Grant Application for more information. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 units each semester to be eligible for this award. *This is not the cost of tuition per unit. For ADC costs, please see Tuition & Fees.*
Deadline: For Fall Students Ministry Worker Grant Application and a FAFSA must be submitted by July 15. If funds are available, students who miss the Fall deadline may apply for a Spring award by December 15, or a Summer award by April 15.
Renewal: Annually renewable with a WJU GPA of 2.0 or above AND upon proof of continued full-time employment in paid ministry.
Application: Ministry Worker Grant Application and FAFSA

Endowed Scholarships

Amount: Varies
Eligibility: All incoming and current students are encouraged to apply. However, preference is given to students who will be at least a Junior as of Fall 2023 (Junior status is 60+ semester units completed).  Click HERE to view the most recent list of Endowed Scholarships.
Deadline: Friday 03/17/2023 at 11:59pm. Application is open during the first half of the Spring semester each year.
Renewal: Non-renewable. Must apply every year to be reconsidered.
Application: Endowed Scholarship Application

Church Partnership Grant

Amount: Varies. The amount is a 10% discount off tuition.
Eligibility: This grant is available to NEW students who, at the time of initial enrollment, are members of/actively participating in a church that financially supports Jessup University. CURRENT students may also apply IF the student was a member of/actively participating in a partner church at the time of initial enrollment; OR the church becomes a partner while the student is currently enrolled; AND that church continues to be the student’s church home. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 units each semester to be eligible for this award. This grant recognizes both the church’s partnership with WJU and the recipients past contribution to the church. Receiving this grant may not be tied to future participation or involvement at the church.
Deadline: Church Partnership Grant Application must be submitted by August 15 for Fall, December 15 for Spring and April 15 for Summer. Funds are limited. Priority given to early applicants.
Renewal: This grant must be applied for each year with a new application.
Application: Church Partnership Grant Application – to be filled out by a pastor (at the supporting church) who knows the applicant well.

Military and Veterans

Jessup offers discounts for active-duty military members and veterans, and we are also a proud participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program. View more information.

Payment Plans

We offer multiple payment options for our students. You can make a one-time payment or go on a deferred tuition plan, in which your overall balance is divided into four installments throughout the semester. Payments can be made via check, cash, or cashiers check in the main office. We also accept payment in the form of e-check online.


California high school seniors or those transferring from a community college may apply for the Cal Grant. The grant does not need to be repaid and is funded by the state of California.